You need LICENSED PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR SERVICES when your child is missing. If you’re living the nightmare that is the disappearance of your child, having the right investigator working for you can mean finding your child before it’s too late. If your child goes missing in Kansas or Missouri, you  want a professional on your side.  …

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You need a LICENSED PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR if you are involved in a wrongful death case, whether as the loved one of a victim or as the accused.   In either case, Barry & Associates Investigative Services, LLC, can help. The firm is owned & operated by Mr. Barry Hutchison, Sr., who serves as the Chief Private…

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Kansas & Missouri Private Investigator Services: Missing Person

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PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR SERVICES can be the most significant and vital component to helping find a missing loved one. If you’re living the nightmare of a missing person case, you’ll want every bit of help at your disposal that you can get.    At Barry & Associates Investigative Services, LLC, our experienced, professional MISSING PERSON PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR…

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Private Investigator: Child Custody Matters

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Do you need a private investigator to help with CHILD CUSTODY matters? You may not think that a Private Investigator is someone whose services are needed. But if you’re having problems with CHILD CUSTODY matters, we can help. When a marriage ends and there are children involved, everyone hopes that the parties involved will handle…

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Background Investigator Can Help Avoid Hiring Mistakes

Background Investigator

If you need a background investigator in Kansas for pre-employment checks, Barry & Associates Investigative Services, LLC can help. As a licensed, insured private investigation firm, we have the skills and experience to gather the information you need to make informed hiring decisions. Our Chief Private Investigator, Mr. Barry Hutchison Sr., started the firm after retiring from…

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Private Investigator Services to Solve Problems

Private Investigator Services

Do you need private investigator services in Kansas? Although many people think that a PI is someone whose services are only needed for divorce cases or missing persons, there are multiple reasons why you might need to hire a licensed and insured Private Investigator. At Barry & Associates Investigative Services, LLC, we believe in helping clients…

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