Cold Case Homicide Investigations

Have you had someone you love fall victim to a homicide in the state of Kansas or Missouri & the case has since gone “cold” or unsolved?

Are the police no longer actively working the case?

If you answered “yes” to either question, then you need a "COLD CASE" HOMICIDE INVESTIGATOR from Barry & Associates Investigative Services LLC.

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For all practical purpose, a homicide "Cold Case" is the hardest case of all to investigate.

There's several reasons for this. Example, missing or dead witnesses, retired or no longer employed law enforcement officers who originally worked the case, misplaced or lost reports, & misplaced or lost evidence. Sometimes, there is even tainted or contaminated physical evidence.

Barry & Associates Investigative Services LLC is dedicated to providing families with answers in the unsolved homicide or death of their missing loved one. An unsolved "Cold Case" homicide is not just the absence of justice for the victim, but also the absence of closure for the family & friends of the victim. Such a violent incident leaves families reeling & desperate for answers from police, but far too often family members never get the answers from police they deserve.

Even the most competent police departments can hit a wall in a homicide case. Witnesses disappear, evidence is mishandled, or the trail simply just goes cold, & the victim is forgotten. Then what?...The case will then sit on a shelf, collecting dust in the police’s "cold case" unit. That is, if you live in a city large enough to even have a "cold case" unit.

When police hit a wall in a death investigation or unsolved homicide, a fresh new perspective is necessary. That's when & why you'll need Barry & Associates Investigative Services LLC. Getting an independent set of eyes on your unsolved homicide case can mean the generation of new leads that could solve the "unsolved homicide" investigation at hand. In actuality, the objective eye of a private investigator is worth it's weight in gold.

Barry & Associates Investigative Services LLC will work closely with the family of the victim, providing regular updates & insight into the case at hand. We'll work relentlessly to get you the answers you deserve.

Barry & Associates Investigative Services LLC is owned & operated by Mr. Barry Hutchison, Sr. who serves as the Chief Licensed Private Investigator for the firm. Chief Investigator Hutchison is a retired law enforcement professional with over 25 years of law enforcement & investigative experience. Barry & Associates is a licensed and insured top tier private investigative firm with appointed memberships in the Kansas Association of Licensed Investigators (KALI), the National Council Investigation Security Services (NCISS), and the American Society Industrial Security (ASIS). None of these organizations are a "pay to join" only organization. To hold membership in these organizations, Private Investigators must apply, be vetted, & meet the stringent ethical business practices set forth by each organization. Barry & Associates Investigative Services LLC meets or exceeds all requirements to these organizations, and holds Kansas private investigative firm license D-6144 in good standing, and Missouri license 2023017565 in good standing.

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