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A professional Private Investigator who is well versed in Medical Malpractice Investigation is the person to call if you or a loved one that has suffered injury or death due to the negligence of a medical professional.  
Medical malpractice investigator

Medical malpractice is “typically defined by the failure to provide the degree of care another clinician in the same position with the same credentials would have performed that resulted in injury to the patient.” At Barry & Associates Investigative Services LLC, our expert team can help you find the answers you need.  

A 2018 study by Johns Hopkins showed that medical errors are the third leading cause of death in the United States, with 250,000 deaths annually. Other studies estimate the number to be nearly 400,000 a year. Yet nobody expects it will happen to them. We are taught to trust our medical professionals to care for us when we are sick or injured. No one goes in for a routine surgery expecting to die or be permanently disabled. But it happens, & more often than anyone would like. 

If you or a loved one have suffered harm at the hands of those you trusted to care for your health & well-being, you need a medical malpractice investigator. Likewise, if you’re an attorney representing a harmed patient, you will need expert investigative advice & strong evidence to take your case to court.

A trained professional licensed & insured Private Investigator can gather & present the information you need to help you determine if you have a viable malpractice claim. You can be sure that the medical providers & their insurance companies will have professional staff including investigators working for them. It’s imperative that you even the “playing field” by hiring a professional licensed & insured Private Investigator. 

If the facts found support a finding of malpractice, we can provide you with expert testimony & evidence to use in court. If malpractice is not supported, you or your client can at least have closure in knowing the truth. 

The Chief Licensed Private Investigator & owner of Barry & Associates Investigative Services LLC is Mr. Barry Hutchison, Sr., a retired law enforcement professional with over 25 years of law enforcement & criminal investigative experience.  

Barry & Associates Investigative Services LLC is a top tier licensed & insured private investigative firm with appointed memberships in the Kansas Association of Licensed Investigators (KALI), the National Council of Investigation Security Services (NCISS), & the American Society of Industrial Security (ASIS). None of these organizations are a “pay to join” only organization. To hold membership in these organizations, Private Investigators must first apply, be vetted, voted in, & then continually meet the stringent ethical practices set forth by each organization. Barry & Associates Investigative Services LLC meets or exceeds all requirements to these organizations & holds Kansas private investigative license D-6144 in good standing, and Missouri private investigator license 2021037565 in good standing.

Barry & Associates Investigative Services LLC serves clients throughout the entire states of Kansas & Missouri. 

A medical malpractice investigator with Barry & Associates Investigative Services LLC will get you the answers that you need & deserve.  

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