Police Brutality

Have you suffered personal injury at the hands of law enforcement?

Have your Civil Rights been violated by law enforcement?

If you answered “yes” to either question, then you need a POLICE BRUTALITY/POLICE MISCONDUCT INVESTIGATOR from Barry & Associates Investigative Services LLC.

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Barry & Associates Investigative Services LLC believes that the overwhelming majority of police officers are honest, courageous, forthright, true professionals.

But, sadly & unfortunately in today’s society, it seems that police misconduct cases are on the rise. We see the rise in "police involved" incidents being broadcast when we turn on our nightly tv news, or when we pick up a morning newspaper. We can't ignore it, & we can't allow it. It’s devastating in so many ways to the principles of our freedoms, & our American way of life.

Make no mistake, Barry & Associates Investigative Services LLC, supports the honest men & women of the law enforcement community, but we also feel that it’s paramount that dishonest, corrupt police officers & command staff who violate the civil rights of American citizens be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Barry & Associates Investigative Services LLC believes, that to allow systematic corrupt police social injustice to continue is not only a disgrace to our democracy, but a disgrace to the honest police officers who continually risk their lives daily, & even more so to the memory of those officers who made the ultimate sacrifice by giving their lives to protect & defend us in our communities.

Barry & Associates Investigative Services LLC is owned & operated by Mr. Barry Hutchison, Sr. who serves as the Chief Licensed Private Investigator for the firm. Chief Investigator Hutchison is a retired law enforcement professional with over 25 years of law enforcement & investigative experience. Barry & Associates is a licensed and insured top tier private investigative firm with appointed memberships in the Kansas Association of Licensed Investigators (KALI), the National Council Investigation Security Services (NCISS), and the American Society Industrial Security (ASIS). None of these organizations are a "pay to join" only organization. To hold membership in these organizations, Private Investigators must apply, be vetted, & meet the stringent ethical business practices set forth by each organization. Barry & Associates Investigative Services LLC meets or exceeds all requirements to these organizations, and holds Kansas private investigative firm license D-6144 in good standing.

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Aggressive police officer mistreating man outdoors
In police station arrested man with wounded face getting front-view mug shot. Portrait of shirtless man with clotted blood on face in handcuffs posing for mugshot with height chart on background
Policeman and man with handcuffs in hospital