Pre-Marital Investigations

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Hire Barry & Associates Investigative Services LLC to conduct a Pre-Marital Investigation for you in Kansas or Missouri.

How many of us have said "If only I'd have known" when it comes to the relationship we currently find ourselves in?

Or, how about an even "more serious" relationship such as a marriage we plan on getting into with someone in our immediate future? Is that person actually who they say they are? Is the relationship what it actually is, & not a farce?'s your chance to know the truth before you possibly make a huge mistake. 

The private investigator services provided by Barry & Associates Investigative Services LLC can help protect you from possibly making a very bad decision regarding the choice of a significant other.

Barry & Associates Investigative Services LLC is owned & operated by Mr. Barry Hutchison, Sr. who serves as the Chief Licensed Private Investigator for the firm. Chief Investigator Hutchison is a retired law enforcement professional with over 25 years of law enforcement & criminal investigative experience. Barry & Associates is a licensed and insured top-tier private investigative firm with appointed memberships in the Kansas Association of Licensed Investigators (KALI), the National Council Investigation Security Services (NCISS), and the American Society Industrial Security (ASIS). None of these organizations are a "pay to join" only organization. To hold membership in these organizations, Private Investigators must apply, be vetted, & meet the stringent ethical business practices set forth by each organization. Barry & Associates Investigative Services LLC meets or exceeds all requirements of these organizations, and holds Kansas private investigative firm license D-6144 in good standing, and Missouri license 2023017565 in good standing..

Barry & Associates Investigative Services LLC takes great pride in achieving the results that our clients seek. It doesn't matter if you're a large corporation, an attorney, or a private individual, Barry & Associates Investigative Services LLC can help anyone in need of a top-tier investigative agency whether it's for something as complex as a "cold case" homicide investigation, a corporate investigation, a missing person case, or a divorce case that requires absolute discretion.

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