Private Investigator Services to Solve Problems

Do you need private investigator services in Kansas? Although many people think that a PI is someone whose services are only needed for divorce cases or missing persons, there are multiple reasons why you might need to hire a licensed and insured Private Investigator. At Barry & Associates Investigative Services, LLC, we believe in helping clients get the information they need in a discreet and professional manner, whatever the situation.

Private Investigator Services
Our Chief Private Investigator, Mr. Barry Hutchison Sr., started the firm after retiring from more than 25 years of work in law enforcement. Barry & Associates Investigative Services, LLC is a top tier private investigative firm with memberships in the Kansas Association of Licensed Investigators (KALI), the National Council Investigation Security Services (NCISS), and the American Society Industrial Security (ASIS). You cannot pay to join any of these organizations. In order to become a member of any of these groups, a Private Investigator must apply, be vetted, and be voted in. After acceptance, the Private Investigator must continue to meet the stringent ethical practices set forth by each organization. Barry & Associates Investigative Services, LLC is in good standing with all of them, as we meet and exceed all requirements for membership. In addition, our firm holds Kansas private investigative license D-6144 in good standing, and Missouri private investigator license 2021037565 in good standing.
As a licensed, insured and professionally recognized private investigation firm, Barry & Associates Investigative Service, LLC offers a wide variety of private investigator services, including: 
  • Missing Children
  • Missing Adults
  • Complicated child custody issues
  • Wrongful Death Investigation
  • Medical malpractice Investigation
  • Homicide Cold Case Investigation
  • Homicide Active Case Investigation
  • Police Brutality Investigation
  • Police Misconduct Investigation
  • Elder Abuse Investigation
  • Pre-employment Investigation
  • Pre-marital Investigation
  • Asset Investigation
  • Corporate Theft Investigation
  • Corporate Espionage Investigation
  • White Collar Crime Investigation
  • Extortion
  • Specialized Investigations
We serve all types of clients, from private individuals to large corporations, with the utmost discretion and professionalism. Whether you need someone to quietly gather information for a divorce or child custody matter, or a skilled investigator who can uncover corporate espionage, Barry & Associates Investigative Services, LLC can get the job done.
You may have seen Private Investigators on TV or in the movies, and think those images represent the real work of an investigator. But those are not accurate depictions of how a professional, ethical Private Investigator works. Barry & Associates Investigative Services, LLC is not the type of firm that follows an unfaithful spouse, snaps a few distasteful photographs, and then claims we provided a thorough investigation. Private Investigators like that are a discredit to our profession, and make all professional Private Investigators look bad. When you hire Barry & Associates Investigative Services, LLC, you will get a licensed Private Investigator who is discreet, thorough, and above all else, professional. Private investigator services are our primary focus. Don’t trust your important business or personal matters to a part-time, amateur Private Investigator. You have heard the old adage “You get what you pay for.” This is particularly true when it relates to private investigator services. When you hire a licensed Private Investigator from Barry & Associates Investigative Services, LLC, you are hiring the best. 
In addition to investigative services, we also provide foreign and domestic security consultation and threat assessment for clients ranging from corporations to corporate executives, celebrities and professional athletes. No matter your need, a licensed Private Investigator from Barry & Associates Investigative Services, LLC will get you the information you need to take action. Call us now at (913) 944-8804 for a free initial case consultation, or if you prefer, send us a message from the contact form on our website. You can also view a few client testimonials by clicking here. As always, thank you for taking the time to read our informational blogs.